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Banging tune!

Saturday, September 15th, 2012

Just the song to move to on this chilly Saturday ! Love it!!


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Girl stuff!!

Thursday, March 8th, 2012

The Swag Man!

Thursday, March 1st, 2012

So I’ve been chatting a little with Ameen Harron, Mr “Peter Parker Swag” himself and decided to give his very suave and catchy tune some much deserved love.   This man is rocking our local radio stations  at the mo and to all my local and overseas visitors, go buy yourself this song, coz it’s the shizzzzz!!

(song starts to play by itself, just a warning to those of you with your headphones on or sitting in an open plan office 😀 )



Ameen Harron is one of the most exciting musical talents of his generation.  His life-long fascination with music has pushed him to acquire knowledge and skills in a multitude of fields within the broad spectrum of musical accomplishments.

Ameen became interested in the art of DJ-ing at the age of 12, but was loath to restrict himself within any one genre and used the turntables to reflect his eclectic musical interest.  The nature of being a DJ honed his ability to break down all music into its constituent parts and his DJ-ing became more than just playing other peoples music, now Ameen was using the punk, hip hop, classical and various electronic musical genres that he loved and crafting his own sound.

At 14 Ameen began dabbling in music production on his PC and it is in the act of musical creation that he has found his niche, beyond his skills as a DJ. Ameen is a self-taught multi-instrumentalist (guitar, piano, drums, bass, percussion and flute) and has also been formally trained as a sound engineer.  While he is still a young man, Ameen has built up an impressive body of work, having produced hit tracks on several projects by top flight urban artists in South Africa, he has featured as a producer on an international collaborative album project which brought together artists from Italy, Slovakia, Holland, Germany, Tanzania, Malawi, Namibia, Zimbabwe and South Africa, and is currently working with veteran South African pop artists and up and coming rock/metal bands as well as still maintaining strong links with South African hip hop.

Not content with just being the producer everybody wants to work with, Ameen has nurtured a long running project as an artist under the name W.I.M.P. (What. IM. Pheeling) were he has explored and developed by experimenting with the blending of a variety of sounds.  Ameen Harron has become a force to be reckoned with in South African music, having garnered attention as a producer but also recently as one of the faces of one of the fastest growing clothing labels Issa Leo.  With much anticipation for his upcoming album project within South African hip hop and interest from artists around Africa and soon Europe, at this point the only possible direction for this exciting young man is up.

– by Eeshaam September.


* 2011 : “Moonlight” (Keeno Lee ft. Youngsta)
* 2011 :  “Bed Time Stories” Remix (Franki M ft. Ameen )
* 2011 : ” Dubula 2.0 Remix ” (Slikour ft. AKA, Proverb, Kuli Chana, JR)
* 2011:  ” Dubula 2.0″ (Slikour ft. Kabelo)
* 2011:  ” My Baby” (Gang Of Instrumentals)
* 2011:   Jarrad “VIP” ft Ameen Remix
* 2010:  “Phum’ eLayinini” (Slikour)
* 2010:  “Dream Gurwl” (Young Nations ft.Ameen)
* 2010:  “STOMP” ( Kwesta)
* 2010:  “Oorlog” ( Blaxtar)
* 2009:  “Part Time Lover” ( Zubz ft.Ameen)
* 2009:  “Lets Take It Back” ( Proverb ft. Tamarsha)
* 2009:  “Papers” (Craig Kallis)


Slikour – VV3
* Phum’ eLayinini
* Dubula 2.0 ft Kabelo
* Dubula 2.0 Remix (Slikour ft. AKA, Proverb, Kuli Chana, JR)
* L.O. * Hell Yeah ft TamaraDey


Koldproduk – Prepare To Rise
* Huh?
* Game On Lock

Kwesta – Special Rekwest
* Mr. COOL

Young Nations – United States Of Africa
* Dream Gurwl ft. Ameen
* My Dowgs ft. 985 & F-eezy

HHP – Dumela
* Boogie Down ft. NateoC & Ameen
* Nkatumela

Jax Panik – I Am Jax Panik
* Take Me Break Me ft. Ameen


Blaxtar – OZMO6:2
* OZMO6:2 ( OORLOG) ft. Jitsvinger

Proverb – Write of Passage
* Been A Minute
* I Know ft. Ferdy
* Let’s Take It Back ft. Tamarsha

Zubz – Cochlea (One Last Letta)
* Part Time Lover – Full Time Freek
* Private Show – Oh No ft. RJ Benjamin
* I Got This – Bait The Prey

Danny K
* You
* Do Her Thing
* Crying like a Violin

* Come and get it (The Mayor)
* Amasheleni Ft. Speedy
* Red Room Ft. Ameen

Nick Xplicit
* Black and white feat Reason

* They Already know
* I Just Wanna Get High ft Ameen
* Drifting

Craig Kallis
* Papers

Sinna Gee
* Peace Pipe
* Step Aside
* Let’s Get Down ft Keeno Lee
* Rock Ya Face
* Revenge is Your Enemy
* Party Song
* Bestfriend
* What You Gon’ Do Bout It

* How I Roll feat Hc


Gang of Instrumentals
Tasha Baxter
Jarred Rickets
Megan C
George Avakian
Mason Black
Ari Gee
Khuli Chana
Franki M
Ameen Harron Producer Album






Photographer – Craig Corker ( Portfolio and Twitter)
And GFX Designer – Travis Davids of Pixel Bright Ideas (Web and Twitter)

Black Porcelain – Supporting South African Artists!

Monday, January 18th, 2010

On our recent trip back from Margate, Durban, I heard a song over the radio. It was smooth, sultry, sexy and I thought now this is a song I want to play while doing my shoots! We were rather surprised to learn that the singer was local and by the end of the interview I have learned that the song was called Teacup, by Black Porcelain.

After sorting through many emails I decided to look a bit further and found her on Facebook. Mailed her and asked her if I may PLEASE!!! use her song for a little while on our blog. And she said YES! :-) And not just that, she has sent me another one of her songs too, so I will be adding them both to the player. Thanks for listening and support local South African artists!  & Thank you Carol!!!

After the success of her EP Green, Black Porcelain went back to studio and started working on her debut album ‘Invincible Summer’. The first single off the album is ‘Are you listening’, a song about infidelity gone wrong.  The song fuses pop, Black Porcelain’s silky voice with a rock influence, showing her diverse music influences: remains true to the eclectic style that saw all the songs on her EP (Green) get play listed on various radio stations nationwide.

Born and raised in Soweto Black Porcelain, real name Carol Mashigo, is a lover of music who has been go getter and not afraid to take risks. Refusing to confirm to the constraints of ‘genre’, she set out to do things on her own and released Green independently. Now with some experience &; lots more confidence, she is looking forward to releasing her debut album ‘Invincible Summer’ early next year.

“The EP was more like an experiment and I was pleasantly surprised at how well it was received! And after seeing how people reacted to the music live, I was really excited to get back into studio and work on a full album.”

2009 saw Black Porcelain have various tracks from ‘Green’ playlisted nationwide, made the May cover of YourLMG, she also performed at the annual Women’s Show (in Cape Town), was chosen (to be one of 20 up and coming musicians) to attend the Red Bull Music Academy taster and opened for international poet Linton Kwesi Johnson. Releasing the first single off her debut album is the perfect way to end the year.

“…a charming clash somewhere between Nina Simone and Diana Ross with a touch of badass for interest…”

Caroline Cellers, Gig review in YourLMG


Green (2008)

Are you listening? (December 2009)


On the cover of YourLMG (May 2009):

For more information/interviews/bookings contact:

Marcia Shange

084 869 1371




Look for Black Porcelain on Facebook

Music to my ears!

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009


I have recently been given permission to use a few songs done by a very well known drummer boy’tjie on the South African music scene, Tulsa Pittaway. Now, for the record I really love music and something must really draw me to listen to it more than once in a row. Well, let’s just say when Tulsa sent me a clip from his new album it was on repeat for quite some time. I love it! & can’t wait for more to be added to the site & blog.

Thank you Tulsa!!


Tulsa was born on Dec 9, 1974 in Harare, Zimbabwe. His parents immigrated to South Africa while he was still an infant where he grew up and attended school. Having been born into an artistic family he was surrounded by music from a very early age and played his first club gig professionally when he was 14.

In 1988 he joined the Park Town Boys High School Cadet band as a side drummer where he received his first formal musical training with renowned world champion drummer Jeff Owen. This foundation was a cornerstone in Tulsa’s musical career. A year later he moved to the National School of The Arts where he majored in orchestral percussion with piano as his second instrument. In 1992 he graduated with a distinction in percussion and went on to join the South African Army senior staff band as a drummer and percussionist where he was eventually promoted to the position of section leader

In January 2000 Tulsa joined the band Watershed, Recording two full albums and touring both locally and abroad. During this time Tulsa was awarded 2 gold and 1 platinum sales awards from EMI South Africa.

Tulsa has performed with international artists such as Saul Davies, Mark Hunter and Kim Leanne and has performed alongside artists such as The Cranberries, David Grey, Evanescence, 3 Doors Down, Stained and Hoobastank, Snow Patrol and Oasis.

In February 2007, Tulsa Joined EVOLVER who continue to promote, record and tour.
In August of 2008, Tulsa released a debut solo album titled “All You Have”.


In August of 2008, Tulsa released a debut solo album titled “All You Have”. “The album was written over a period of 2 years and was recorded over a period of 4 years making it the longest single project I have ever been involved in” explains Tulsa. The album was inspired by a love of music and the art of crafting great songs and lyrically touches on issues such as the after life, infant mortality, social identity, misplaced childhood, showing a very deep, serious and poignant side to the smiley, energetic person you meet on the street. Other songs on the album centered around relationships and intimate situations between two people create a delicate contrast to the rest of the album.

The music is powerful and magical and is the kind of album you can listen to more than once at a time. The album is available through Tulsa’s website (http://www.tulsapittaway.co.za/) or through http://www.wantitall.co.za/. It can also be downloaded at itunes, napster etc. Close fans are encouraged to join Tulsa’s street team also through his website.

Tulsa Pittaway



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